It's Her Way or the Highway, Cuck!

Luca Bella

Luca’s a beautiful, tall, happy, sex-crazed 36 year-old MILF with tiny tits, an effervescent smile and mesmerizing eyes. She’s come to us with her 26 year-old husband to fulfill their fantasy of his watching her fuck a guy with a big dick. So, after a brief Q&A intro, we supply her with one, and she immediately liberates his mammoth monster cock from the confines of his jeans. Stunned, she stares at his demon cock with wide eyed adulation before sensuously sucking his savory sausage. Seeing what a fine round ass she has, he puts her in doggie to enjoy the view while he drives his oversized power piston into her with fiery fury as she screams for him to fuck her harder, moaning in a hedonistic reverie. Mounting his towering obelisk of lust in reverse cowgirl, she slams her bald harlot’s hole down to meet his impetus thrusts greedily, begging him to keep fucking her even after she’s exploded in a screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm. Continuing her wild ride in cowgirl, she gallops on his gargantuan fuck-pole to a debauched nirvana as a torrent of shrieking, banshee, all-consuming orgasms proceed to spew forth. Extending his pussy blitz in missionary, he slams his demon dick into her with savage fury as she frenetically fingers her throbbing clit, writhing under him like a wild, feral, unchained demon whose rapacity is boundless. The more she cums, the more she screams at him to keep fucking her until he finally pulls out to fill her mouth with a load of his joy juice. I guess that’s one way to keep her quiet.

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